Energy & Industrial

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Energy industries rely heavily on dependable computing equipment for exploration and supply of all our energy needs.
SDK Systems provide solutions fit for purpose computing platforms ,remote monitoring stations and regional control rooms.

SDK Systems involvement in this sector covers most forms of energy from Oil & Gas exploration and production to solar and wind power generation and delivery.

SDK Systems has a range of computing products to suit these activities, from remote and exposed locations where survivability and reliability are paramount, to relatively benign environments with high dependability like control rooms.
Applications cover a wide scope, including surveying, simulation, production, process automation, SCADA and many more.

Particular considerations cover the operating environment, which in sea platform installations can be extremely taxing, demanding EMC requirements, product lifetimes and availability as well as reliability, fault tolerance and safety critical solutions.

In addition to fuel and power, we are also heavily involved in water treatment and supply industries, where similar process monitoring and automation requirements apply, but with the addition of remote monitoring and control requirements.