Technical Capabilities



SDK Systems helps you achieve competitive advantage through innovative, robust and reliable industrial computing platforms at the lowest lifetime cost of ownership.

In a world increasingly reliant on computing technology, you need a partner that enables you to realise your company’s ability to innovate and gain competitive advantage.


10 Reasons of why to choose SDK Systems – We add value in so many ways:

Team of competent, capable and experienced people

  • First and foremost, SDK Systems technical capabilities are firmly founded on a competent, capable and talented team of technical people.
  • You can feel secure that you are in the hands of professionals.

Custom form factor design

  • Computer automation is finding its way into applications where the available space, size and shape are unique.
  • Whether it’s in a car, on a train, in a submarine, or in a machine, we have designed to a wide diversity of form factors.
  • There is no one size that fits all.  Our computer solutions can be as unique as your applications require it. 

Shock and vibration protection

  • Industrial applications are subjected to levels of shock and vibration far in excess of those which computers typically have to endure, particularly in the commercial field.
  • We specialise in understanding modes of vibration and techniques needed to protect critical parts for un-interrupted operation in the presence of such demanding conditions.

Thermal management

  • As computing power increases so does the power consumption and consequently the associated thermal effects.
  • Thermal management is essential to minimising failure and lifetime cost of ownership.
  • The single most critical factor to MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) reduction is temperature.
  • We understand how to manage this most effectively for a wide diversity of applications.
  • We seek out and find the latest materials and techniques and apply them to solve real life problems.

Compliance with standards and directives

  • Professional applications need to conform to more and more demanding standards of compliance as well as legal directives.
  • Different applications are subject to different compliance requirements whether you are in medical, defence, transport or any other specialist fields.
  • We understand these and will most likely already have worked to achieve these for others.

Burn-in shock testing

  • Every SDK system undertakes a rigorous and comprehensive burn in shock test to ensure we eradicate early component failures before they affect you.
  • Every possible functional part of the system is tested to ensure it is fit for purpose when you turn it on.

Custom packaging

  • Packaging for the transportation of equipment is a key factor in the minimisation of DOA (Dead on Arrival).
  • We partner with specialists in this field to design the most appropriate and cost effective packaging solution to cater for your transportation requirements.

Varied power sources

  • Our systems can be adapted to operate with different power supplies from DC, at various levels, to mains AC.
  • With such wide diversity of power sources in differing applications we are able to select the appropriate power source as well as protect it from fluctuations or disturbances associated to some applications.

System configuration, setup and customisation

  • Every system can be customised and personalised to requirement.
  • From simple BIOS settings to operating system or application parameter setup and configuration.
  • A cost effective alternative for your on-site work which frees up your expensive and highly skilled engineers to add more value elsewhere.

Future proofing

  • Computing technologies change faster than in any other industry.
  • Our solutions are designed from the start to keep pace with you future demand.
  • We use open technologies, to deliver modular systems, which are not only effective and cost-efficient today, but flexible and scalable to support tomorrow’s applications.